“As an Entertainment Consultancy Our Vision is to create opportunity for clients and musicians alike.  Our focus is to unearth raw talent and showcase this to the world, starting with South Africa and then taking the brand abroad.

South Africa is a country filled with many talented musicians, dancers, photographers, etc. and most of these talents do not have the support from local communities and clients, because there are not enough platforms to help put them on the map.

Through innovation and strategy, we are starting by increasing our distribution within SA to increase the amount of exposure we can offer our Talent.  Our hope is that we can turn these talents into full-time jobs for them as professionals in their fields. There is so much we have to offer and we hope to have the continued support of the community and corporate market around us, as we constantly strive to drive value to them at their special events!”

~ Angelo Thomas, Founding Member of Shake & Bake Entertainment