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LEE CARVER is one of the most versatile DJ’s playing in Cape Town today. With over 25 years’ experience in the music industry he can play just what you want to hear and then some that you will think “I know this song and what a cool mix”

In the 90’s it was alternative rock playing alongside Barney Simon as his side kick DJ in many Johannesburg Nightclubs. The techno rave scene grabbed his interest in the same decade playing to large audiences in old converted warehouses.

The early 2000’s he hosted many events and started being more focused on corporate and wedding events. His love of all genres made this a great avenue to play other music styles.

These days he is loving the Cape Town sound and loves to play a chilled out acoustic set with a South African theme perfect for an afternoon at the market or themed wedding. Chill house is one of his favourite kinds of sets to play but still loves his rock.

If you want a bit of everything from Acoustic to House, Trance to techno, Rock to Reggae and a DJ that can read an audience and keeps people partying this is your DJ.

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