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Charismatic, charming, funny, lively and loose!  With his Swinging Hips and air-pistol dance moves that would put a John Wayne miming contest to shame, DJ King Louie, is not your average joe!

From a very early age, King Louie took a liking into different sounds.  He took to musical instruments like a toddler took to new habits and today, he is considered to be one of the few talented multi-instrumentalists to have honing their skills as a professional DJ.

Performing all around the world, but based in Cape Town, South Africa, DJ King Louie is the perfect Disc Jockey for your next upcoming event.  Gone are the days where dull and ordinary DJ’s perform at events, pushing play to the very next song in your playlist… why not have someone fun who can engage with the crowd, whilst still maintaining a highly professional execution of performance!?

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