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In an effort to create awareness around the Live Entertainment taking place every Friday night in March, Shake & Bake Entertainment and The Table Bay Hotel have created a weekly competition for patrons and visitors to take part in.  We do this by encouraging engagement with the two brands, by means of sharing pictures through experiential marketing.

The two parties concerned, endeavour to create extra excitement around the Friday Nights by giving away a weekly R500 Meal Voucher to 1 winner and at the end of March, give away a 1 Night Stay for 2 at The Table Bay Hotel.

The Competition will be as follows:  

To enter, simply attend a Live Music Session, SNAP your pic, SHARE and WIN:
Step 1: Attend a Friday night session of Live Music at The Table Bay Hotel;
Step 2: SNAP a picture of yourself having a great time with all your friends;
Step 3: Share your picture on Twitter and include @ShakeandbakeZA and @TableBayHotelSA telling us about your #LiveMusic experience.
Step 4: The best Picture each week will WIN a R500 Meal Voucher and all pictures will go into a draw for the main prize of an overnight stay at the Hotel.


Terms & Conditions:

1.  Winners may only be eligible if they take their own picture on a Friday evening between 5pm and 8pm in March 2015;

2.  Winners may only be eligible to win if they use the aforementioned hashtag and tag @ShakeandbakeZA and @TableBayHotelSA when posting their picture to Twitter;

3.  Instagram pictures are welcomed provided that the appropriate hashtag and twitter handles are used and provided that the picture is shared on Twitter too;

4.  Pictures may include anything and be of anything, except for rude and indecent pictures, which would not be tolerated and instantly removed from any of our social feeds;

5.  Competition is only valid to entrants 18 years and older.  Valid Identification would be required;

6.  The competition will only run in March 2015 (until further notice);

7.  No staff member of Shake & Bake Entertainment and/or The Table Bay Hotel may enter the competition;

8.  Winners will be decided by both Marketing Departments of Shake & Bake Entertainment and The Table Bay Hotel;

9.  Winners will be announced on Monday each week after an account of all images have been collected and assessed;

10.  No pictures may be used if not taken and uploaded on the Friday Evening of each event;

11.  Generic pictures taken off someone else’s page or from an online source is not a valid entry;

12.  All prize winners will be contacted directly on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram;

13.  All prizes may be collected at the Hotel, after the winner has been announced;

14.  No profanity, swearing, racist remarks or indecent images and/or copy may be included.